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No two spinal issues are the same and SpineMD understands that. That’s why they perform highly personalized treatments for whatever specific spine problem or injury that you might be dealing with. Headed by Dr Anil Kesani, you’re sure to receive topnotch care - be it surgical or nonsurgical. When it comes to any sort of ailment, the most important thing is to be diagnosed accurately. Dr. Kesani and his team can provide not only that but also various options for treatment.

Does Consistent Neck Pain Mean That I Have to Get Surgery?

You have to be observant and mindful of how long your neck pains bother you. If you experience these pains fairly often, but they go away on their own, then they might not be serious enough to warrant a visit to your doctor. Neck pains can be caused by a number of things like:

  • Daily stress. If you’re having a particularly tough time, don’t be surprised that your muscles constantly feel tight. Most people commonly carry this tension on their nape.
  • Not so ideal sleeping position. This is the most common way to get a neck strain. If you’ve slept in an odd position all night, you’re bound to wake up sore and tired. This is why some people sleep with specialized pillows or mattresses to prevent this from happening.
  • Aging. As you age, your cells take longer to regenerate. That’s why it gets harder to bounce back from strenuous activities. Your spine, in particular, will get its share of the body’s natural wear and tear. Over time, you might develop cervical fractures that could be worsened by arthritis. If you’re of a certain age and your neck pain has been ailing you for weeks or longer, then it’s definitely time to seek medical attention.
  • Injuries. People incur spine injuries from playing sports and being in accidents. The body goes through quite a bit of trauma when subjected to great amounts of force. The spine is also vulnerable to any sort of event because all our body parts are connected to it by way of the nervous system. So even if you get your hands injured, you could feel the effect on your neck. 

Dr Anil Kesani can tell you if your neck pains require surgery for treatment. Generally, it’s the last resort when it comes to treating neck pain because surgery is very invasive. Before considering surgery, Dr. Kesani will exhaust all other available options like prescription medication, physical therapy, and epidural injections.

What is a Rhizotomy?

A Rhizotomy is a surgical procedure that aims to numb chronic back pain by “disabling” certain nerves on the spinal cord. A Rhizotomy is typically done when all preliminary options have been taken without getting sustained results.

Beforehand, the patient is tested with facet injections. If he or she responds poorly to this, then the doctor would advise against this kind of surgery.

A Rhizotomy is just one of the many surgical treatments that Dr. Anil Kesani can do for you. All of his procedures are as minimally invasive as possible and you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. Get in touch with SpineMD to begin your journey to wellness today.

Dr Anil Kesani

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