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Rehab Hospital Wisconsin

Rehab Hospital Wisconsin

After a major surgery, your mind may tell you it's time to go back to your normal routine. However, your body might not be ready. Before things return to the way they were, you’ll probably need a rehab hospital in Wisconsin to help you in your journey to recovery and wellness.

The challenges of self-care, mobility, and communication can be overwhelming to a surgery patient, but rehabilitation addresses that. The purpose of a rehab program is to help a patient regain mental, physical, and cognitive abilities after surgery or joint replacement. At the Recovery Inn, we offer an all-inclusive rehabilitation program to our patients so that they can achieve functionality, mobility, and wellness.

Which Situations will Require Rehabilitation?

If a traumatic event or an illness has impaired your mental or physical functions, then you'll require rehabilitation. Different conditions need various types of rehabilitation:

  • Neurological Rehabilitation – This is necessary after an illness or injury that has caused neurological damage, for instance, stroke. Damage to the spinal cord, which affects balance, motor abilities, and control over bowel or bladder functions, will also require this type of rehabilitation.
  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation – It’s required after amputations, severe joint inflammations, joint surgery, or fractures.

A patient will also need rehabilitation after a severe or prolonged illness that has reduced their functional ability considerably, such as a heart or respiratory disease.

Importance of A Rehabilitation Program

There is a great value of an ongoing rehabilitation program as it addresses the challenges faced by a patient. A good and effective rehabilitation hospital entails inpatient services that offer 24/7 personalized care, exercises, and at least three hours of therapy. Inpatient rehabilitation uses a collaborative approach that includes medical, physical, and cognitive rehabilitation.

This approach encourages learning, adapting, and coping skills as the patient faces life-changing events. During rehabilitation, you receive specialized care that helps you get back to your normal life. If not so, you learn how to do things differently. Also, most rehab hospitals offer outpatient services to help with speech, physical, and occupational therapy. This kind of support ensures complete healing.

At Recovery Inn, we offer a personalized program tailored to meet your needs and match your health goals.

What is Physical Therapy?

After a long period of limited movement, you may realize that you require help with getting out of bed, walking around, and even sitting. This could mean that you need therapy. A certified physical therapist typically offers physical therapy. The therapist is trained to evaluate your condition and provide a solution to help you regain mobility and independence.

If you have an illness or even an injury that causes you pain, loss of function, and physical impairment, a physical therapist can help you with that. There are different types of techniques used to help relieve pain, improve mobility, and regain strength. Various techniques work for different patients. Your therapist will use the technique that suits you best to help you live a healthy and fulfilling life.

Exceptional Rehabilitation Services

The journey to recovery requires personalized care, compassionate staff, cutting-edge technology, a dedicated team, and a supportive environment. Our rehab hospital in Wisconsin offers that and so much more. Get in touch with us today on (920) 560-1060 for any questions about rehabilitation.

Rehab Hospital Wisconsin
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Rehab Hospital Wisconsin
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