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Meet the Chiropractical Doctors

We grew up with everybody telling us our Dad was a great magician or a miracle worker. Little did we understand until we were much older, he was a Chiropractor.”

Dr. Dan Findlay

For Dr. Dan going into Chiropractic was decided at a young age. The final straw was one day in his fathers clinic, the patients convinced young Dan that he should be a Care Bear chiropractor. Not to mention if it wasn’t for the care he received his current health would be greatly different. This is due to how it helped him with his wide array of allergies.

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Dr. Don Findlay

Dr. Don – Growing up in Calgary led me to pursue my 1st degree at the University of Calgary. I knew I was interested in the healthcare field & given that I was raised by parents that have been wellness orientated through there lives chiropractic seemed like a natural pursuit. Learning what a body needs to function optimally has not only aided me in practice today but has made my personal life far better then it ever could have been in alternate health fields. Chiropractic has bettered me as a person in mind & body. I myself am truly thankful to be under regular chiropractic care!

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Chiropractor South Calgary Meet the Doctors

Dr. Dan Findlay, Dr. Jenny Bradshaw and Dr. Don Findlay

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Dr. Jenny Bradshaw

By the time Dr. Bradshaw was twelve years, old pain was getting in the way of her participation in sports and the things she liked doing. Looking for a solution she tried chiropractic and never looked back! Dr. Bradshaw knew after her first adjustment that chiropractic care was much more than just pain relief and that it was the only career path for her.

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Dr. William “Sandy” Watt

Have you ever met someone who can locate your deepest problems – physical, emotional, chemical energetic – that no one has been able to locate? Once located, they can be corrected, even if you’ve had them for decades, or most of your life.

That’s what I do.

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