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You Heal on Mother Natures Time Line

physical-therapy-womanOften people come in to alleviate pain. And part of their reasoning is that treatment will accelerate the healing process and get rid of the pain faster. Lets think about that for a moment. There is a part of your body that is damaged which is why it hurts. In order for the pain to go away a certain amount of healing must occur. This requires cells in your body to replicate and form a new tissue where the old one is damaged. It takes time for cells in your body to replicate.

The very best your body can do is to heal at its own fastest rate, so 100% efficiency. There is no 110% efficiency of healing, that would be a superpower! Again, no adjustment, drug, rehab machine…etc, can cause cells to multiply & divide faster! These things can mask pain or potentially remove causative factors in creating pain, but they do not multiply cells.

So, what if there was something stunting your bodies ability to heal? What if your healing rate had a current maximum efficiency of 75% of your true genetic potential? This is the gap chiropractic can close. We aim to remove anything interfering with your bodies potential to heal so that you heal as fast as your genetic potential allows. This can be done by limiting physical, mental & toxic lifestyle stressors as best we can; and by allowing the body to properly perceive and organize a repair response to the damaged body area. The later is the purpose of a chiropractic adjustment to allow the body to function at its highest genetic level!

Having said that, what can we expect from a body that heals ideally? Well, injured muscle requires approximately 6-8 weeks to heal. Here the inflammatory response and often the pain have subsided long ago, but at a cellular level healing is still occurring. Tendons and ligaments often require 8 months – 1year, and bone and nerves require up to 3 years to heal and remodel. These time lines very depending on the extent of the injury, but I’m sure you can see the time lines are much longer then most would expect. Quit often ill ask people how long they think a fractured bone takes to heal? And the most common response by far is 6 weeks. This is because people have witnessed that a cast comes off a fracture when “its fixed”. But in reality the bone is essentially glued together well enough at this point it shouldn’t re-fracture.

In my opinion, the best way to heal as fast as possible is to maintain a body that is capable of healing at 100% of its potential. Yes this requires some effort prior to an injury. This is also referred to as staying healthy, not just symptom free. And Chiropractic is aimed toward keeping someone functioning at their best by allowing the nervous system to optimally control, regulate, maintain and heal your body.

-Dr. Don

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