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Dr. Don Findlay

Chiropractor South Calgary Dr. Don Findlay

Dr. Don Findlay

“Chiropractic, the natural choice.”

Having a father who was a chiropractor allowed Dr. Don to grow up with a focus on wellness. “Pursuing the chiropractic path felt like a natural choice for me. Growing up in Calgary, I received my undergraduate degree in Biological Science at the University of Calgary.”

“Chiropractic has made me a better person in mind and body. I am truly thankful to be under regular chiropractic care!”

After completing his education at the University of Calgary, Dr. Don attended Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College graduating with a doctorate degree in chiropractic.

Memberships & Associations

Dr. Don stays active in his community and in chiropractic organizations. He is involved in:

Additionally, Dr. Don is an Active-Release Techniques® certified practitioner.

Healthy Interests and Pursuits

When he’s not in the office, Dr. Don can be found weight training or learning dance from his wife, Kyla. “Spending time with my family and in my local community is very important to me.” If he’s not busy with that, you may actually find him curled up with a textbook, brushing up on his knowledge and skills!

“I would love to discuss how chiropractic care might benefit you and help you reach your health goals. Contact us today!”

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