Heather Bond
Massage Therapist (RMT)

Meet Heather Bond RMT!

I graduated from Makami College Inc. in 2013 and began my practice specializing in therapeutic rehabilitation, focusing on chronic pain and soft tissue injuries. In 2017, I achieved certification as a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, which helped me fine-tune my palpation skills and develop a keen intuitive sense.

In August 2022, I moved to Calgary to pursue training as a Doctor in Acupuncture and TCM Medicine, with plans to graduate in June 2025. My practice is driven by a deep passion for helping people overcome pain and dysfunction. With years of experience, I’ve fine-tuned my methods to tackle various issues, including unexplained pain, fascial adhesions, hypertension, MVA-whiplash, neuropathy, chronic injuries, and postural problems.

Outside of work, I love archery, camping, and anything outdoors, especially with my son and our Husky. I also enjoy happy hours, live music, road trips, and travelling. Meditation and nature are my go-to for relaxation, and I’m always drawn to the water for some peace and quiet.

Heather Bond | Massage Therapist RMT | Chiropractical | SW Calgary Chiropractor

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