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Meet Dr. Jenny Bradshaw

More than just pain relief

Chiropractor South Calgary Dr. Jennifer Bradwhaw

Dr. Jenny Bradshaw

By the time Dr. Bradshaw was twelve years old, pain was getting in the way of her participation in sports and the things she liked doing. Looking for a solution she tried chiropractic and never looked back! Dr. Bradshaw knew after her first adjustment that chiropractic care was much more than just pain relief and that it was the only career path for her.

While at chiropractic college Dr. Bradshaw maintained a “Dean’s List” standing throughout the three years of classes and enjoyed helping people achieve their health and wellness goals during her final year as an intern. While attending school Dr. Bradshaw also became certified in both Thompson and Webster techniques and began the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association‘s 180 hour certification program.

Do More of What You Love

Dr. Bradshaw is committed to guiding people to be able to do more of what they love, whatever it may be, through chiropractic. She believes in seeing a person as a “whole” and considering all aspects of a healthy lifestyle to make positive changes towards true health. Although working with people of all ages, she especially loves working with babies and children.

Dr. Bradshaw is proud to be serving Calgarians and assisting them in living life at their best!

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